Fabrication Of Electronic Sensors

Pearlhill R&D on fabrication of electronic sensors is in collaboration with Professor Kris Campbell of the department of computer and electrical engineering at the Boise State University. Our ongoing work covers the following areas:

Magnetoreception Sensors

Pearlhill R&D focus on delivery of an advanced, drone-mounted, compact, spoofing-free magnetic sensor for real-time monitoring of radiation sensitive changes of earth’s magnetic field.

Plant Memristor Biosensors

We are innovating plant memristance biosensors that use emergent electrical circuit element of memristance to determine the characteristics of a plant’s environmental exposure, such as nutrient stressors, airborne chemicals and radiation. Plant memristor biosensors technology greatly enhanced precision agriculture and eased the impact on the environment, resulting in huge cost saving during the growing season.

Communication Electronics

Pearlhill Technologies has innovated new semiconductor devices as advanced (1) phototransistors, (2) memristors, and (3) tunnel diodes. These components for the production of new telecommunication bandwidth allow the service providers to accommodate growth in bandwidth demand, extend the lifetime of existing fibers, and improve profits by reducing operation and capital expenses.