Carbon Capture & Dry Ice Production​

Pearlhill Technologies captures and separates high tonnage of 99.995% purity CO2 at coal plants. Our patent describe our Photolytic CO2 capture process. We feed our CO2 product into the production of dry ice (blocks and pellets), and liquid CO2 products. Our photolytic technology recovers CO2 at below 110 F, producing the ultra-low disintegration of capture medium, and cost US$80-120/t CO2 captured. Pearlhill collaborates with ASCO CO2 for building our dry ice production plants.

The plant operations are similar to those shown by video in the following links:, ASCO’s new dry ice pellets distribution concept, Dry Ice Production Systems HD, ASCO Dry Ice Pelletizer A55P, COMTECSWISS TRIPLE-ICE to produce Dry Ice Slices, Blocks and Pellets, ASCO Automatic Dry Ice Machine BP407 (blocks/slices and pellets), and ASCO Dry Ice Catering Solutions. Pearlhill will supply ice blocks and pellets to laboratories for preservation of biological samples and to professional companies for cleaning and restoration (see Industrial Cleaning Applications for Dry Ice Blasting, and Dry Ice Blasting on Modern Marvels), asphalt cleaning (see Asphalt paver cleaning with dry ice blaster and Dry Ice Blasting Asphalt), removal of concrete buildup (see Dry Ice Blasting Concrete Build Up and Dry Ice Blasting_Removing Concrete), and mold removal services (see Mold Removal Process using Dry Ice Blasting – Adrian Environmental). We are currently developing utility of CO2 as feedstock for downstream products with wide applications, such as methane and other gases.
Photolytic carbon capture process

Cleaning and Restoration

Asphalt Cleaning

Removal of Concrete Buildup

Mold Removal Services

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