Capability Statement

Founded in 2007 as an Idaho Corporation, Pearlhill Technologies LLC has developed unique capability for (1) nuclear waste management, (2) fluorine chemistry, (3) CO2 capture and utility, and (4) materials and electronics. Pearlhill’s higher purpose is to continue innovating safe, clean, and health centered technologies for the interconnected tomorrow.

Nuclear waste management

  • Extraction of non-radioactive fluorine content from depleted uranium fluoride byproducts of uranium isotopic enrichment plants (UIEPs). [US Pat. #8,367,026].
  • Production of depleted uranium oxide byproduct.
  • Patented SBIR, (Phase I & II) technology for production of sulfur tetrafluoride from uranium tetrafluoride.
  • Chemical engineering and scientific support for transuranic waste management.
  • Radiological services for waste management.

Manufacturing fluorinated products

  • Innovation of processes to create nonmetallic inorganic fluorides from uranium tetrafluoride (NIFUT), including sulfur tetrafluoride (SF4), sulfur hexafluoride (SF6), and nitrogen trifluoride (NF3) gases. [US Pat. #8,231,855; 8,163,262].
  • Expertise in fluorine chemistry and chemical technology for versatile use of sulfur tetrafluoride gas for carrying out many fluorination processes to produce products for the electrical-, semiconductor-, agrochemical-,
    pharmaceutical-, resins- and the coatings industries.

Carbon capture and CO2 utility

  • SBIR technology for production of 99.995% pure CO2 at coal plants, [US Pat. #8,636,968].
  • Utility of CO2 for agricultural and other applications.

Fabrication of electronic sensors

  • Plant memristance biosensors.
  • Magnetoreception sensors.

Pearlhill Technologies is an Idaho R&D, technology development, and Commercialization Company located in Idaho Falls. Pearlhill’s core competency is in broad areas of low-level nuclear waste management, carbon capture and dry ice production, fluorine chemistry, plant memristance sensing, CIGS nanomaterials electronics, magnetoreception sensing and navigation.

We are proud to be an Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action employer

Company Information

TIN:  71-1032501
DUNS:  800333002
CAGE Code: 4U6Q1

NAICS Codes:

561210Facilities Support Services
56221Waste Treatment and Disposal
5417Scientific R&D Services
541990 Professional, Scientific & Technical Services
325120Industrial Gas Manufacturing.
562910Remediation Services
562920Materials Recovery Facilities

Business References

  • International Isotopes Inc.
    Development of fluorine extraction from lowlevel radioactive uranium tetrafluoride
  • MarCom
    Teaming partner for Title 8(a) certification, radiological, waste management and remediation
  • Energy Solutions
    Partner for commercialization of NIFUT technology and disposal of depleted uranium oxide byproduct
  • National Science Foundation
    Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Awards
  • Idaho Power
    Carbon capture and CO2 supply
  • Boise State University
    R&D collaboration
  • Freedom Photonics
    Partner for commercialization of electronic sensors

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